Vision, Values, Mission


The Neuro Family Law Institute will transform Family Law into a more positive and healing experience for separating families.


The Neuro Family Law Institute uses Neuro Science to teach Family Practitioners (Family practitioner is used loosely to include lawyers, mediators, decision makers, social workers, therapists, coaches, guides, etc.) about how the brain works so that they can

  • be more effective in their work, and
  • play a role in enabling the legal separation process meet the real needs of separating families.

The vision, values and mission of the Neuro Family Law Institute was be developed by the inaugural Steering Committee. We are accepting expressions of interest from members of the legal and other professional communities who are interested in participating. To receive more information please submit your name on our Contact Us page or click the blue Get Involved button to the right.

Nathalie Boutet is a leading Canadian mediator and collaborative law lawyer. more...

Neuro Family Law Conference