Co-Parent Successfully was formed by Kari Peterson to help support parents going through a separation or divorce put their issues aside and focus on what is best for their children.  Kari has experienced how influential successful co-parenting can be for the entire family since her divorce in 2003.  Collaborative parenting has provided a stable and loving environment for her two sons, whom she happily co-parents with her ex-spouse. And, it is their approach to co-parenting and its ability to create a loving and supportive environment that has inspired Kari to share her personal stories and lessons learned through the website  This website highlights a quick-start guide (designed to be read in less than an hour) which encourages parents to take a boardroom approach to raising children together after divorce, and outlines four key ground rules that are the foundation for a successful partnership with an ex-spouse.  The guide’s community website offers supporting tools and resources, providing parents with user-friendly templates to track child-related expenses and develop a parenting schedule that works for the entire family.  The Co-Parent Successfully community offers a way for parents to connect with other parents to ask questions and share tips and tricks. The community resources provide the necessary support for handling even the most difficult divorce situation.  These online tools and resources encourage separated or divorced parents to communicate, provide consistency, and work together to give their children continued stability and a close relationship with both parents.


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