Founding Members

Nathalie Boutet. Ontario, Canada. Nathalie is a collaborative and mediation partner at Basman Smith LLP, with over 20 years of practice as an accomplished family law lawyer.

Brian Galbraith. Ontario, Canada. Brian teaches the collaborative team practice to lawyers and other professionals through The Divorce Team.

Dr. Linda J. Page. Ontario, Canada. Has a Pd.D. in Psychology, founder of Adler International Learning, a coach and the co-author of the book: “Coaching With The Brain In Mind”.

Stephanie West-Allen. California, US. JD and mediator. Author and international trainer. Brains On Purpose Blog

Jackie MacLellan. Bermuda. Family law lawyer, collaborative negotiator and mediator. Is a pioneer and agent of change in Bermuda.

Deborah Moskovitch. Ontario, Canada. The Smart Divorce.

Malika Hollander. Ontario, Canada. Paralegal.

Kam Lovel. Ontario, Canada. Accredited Family Mediator and a qualified arbitrator with eight years of experience in Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) field. He provides comprehensive Family Mediation-Arbitration and Parenting Coordination services, including custody/Access, property Division, Support issues and Child Protection Mediation.

Junia Freitas. Ontario, Canada. NEXT LTD, Toronto Centre Director

Eva Sachs. Ontario, Canada. CFP CDFA  Certified Divorce Financial Analyst


Nathalie Boutet is a leading Canadian mediator and collaborative law lawyer. more...

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